Administration Finamce


  • Overall administration of CBHC for smooth functioning of upazila (UHC) to below level health facilities (Up to CC) all over the country.
  • Chain of Command to be strengthened from headquarters to the field level
  • Administrative activities related to the manpower transferred from HPNSDP (CBHC & ESD) to 4th HPNSP under CBHC OP.
  • Execution of existing service rules & other applicable norms for the manpower of CBHC.
  • Disciplinary measures may need to be taken if needed.
  • Appraisal of individual worker of CBHC through existing ACR & reviewing other relevant information and methods.
  • Institutionalization of community clinics under an integrated Upazila Health System and District Health System.
  • Planning for successful implementation of the activities under CBHC OP.
  • Go-NGO collaboration- to be strengthened and to be maintained effective among all health, family planning and nutrition service providers (GO and NGO). With quarterly review meeting is to be continued.
  • Functional linkage to be strengthened among the relevant public facilities to ensure community participation for health, family planning and nutritional services.
  • Collaboration with OPs having working linkage or having cross cutting issues e.g. NNS, NCD, MNC&AH, MCRH, CDC, PFD, TB-Leprosy/ASP, MIS, etc. needs to be strengthened through regular meeting, sharing of findings, joint visits using comprehensive checklist etc.
  • Collaboration with UN Agencies & Development partners.
  • Involvement of Local Govt.-Upazila parishad, Union Parishad, Municipality & City Corporation needs to be strengthened.
  • Provision of Pay & allowances for the CBHC manpower will be such so that they might get pecuniary benefits like other govt. employees e.g. annual increment, earn leave etc. till absorption into revenue
  • Recruitment: The existing vacant & newly created posts of CBHC under 4th HPNSP are to be filled up.
  • Post creation: New posts of CHCPs for the proposed CCs in Upazila Health Complex (UHC) need to be created for providing equity, access & utilization of quality essential service package including effective referral.
  • New posts of HA & FWA needs to be created & recruited in relation to the number of CCs & CHCPs. ( If CCs are constructed in vacant old wards without any health facility)
  • JOB description needs to be revised at all relevant levels.
  • Revenue absorption: The existing work force of CBHC who have been working for years together need to be absorbed into revenue for the smooth functioning & sustainability.


  • Annual development budget to be prepared as per OP and ADP
  • Preparation of annual work plan as per ADP allocation
  • Annual budget break up as per ADP allocation
  • Preparation of quarterly proposal for release of fund with all necessary documents & accounts
  • Payment of all claims through AGB
  • Maintain liaison & coordination with AGB
  • Release of fund to all the cost centers
  • Compilation & preservation of all expenditures of OP following the applicable financial rules & regulations
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly & annual Physical and financial progress of OP
  • Placement of all relevant documents & accounts to the audit with necessary explanation if necessary
  • Preparation of broad sheet reply (if any) with necessary explanation for resolution
  • Perform overall financial activities of OP
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