staffing and supervision

Currently CC is staffed with CHCP (full-time), HA and FWA (both part-time). However ESP has identified following essential and extra services to be delivered at CC level.

CC is assuming full responsibility of the health (population and nutrition) of its catchment population and the same population is also assigned for domiciliary services by the HA and FWA. Moreover with universal knowledge of family planning and very high uptake of immunization together with improved communication (physical and technological, particularly mobile phone), relevance of blanket domiciliary services by HA and FWA will be reviewed in the light of efficiency gain by avoiding duplication and wastage. Thus they will be posted as additional staff of CC to cater the additional need of staff and their roles and tasks will also be reviewed.

Currently CHCP and HA are supervised by AHI and FWA by FPI. When the ESP services will be delivered tasks will also be redistributed among the CHCP, HA and FWA. For the sake of supportive supervision more technically qualified people will be required to supervise at least some of the staff of CC.


  1. Initiatives will be undertaken for proper staffing of the CC to deliver services assigned by the ESP. Relevance of existing blanket domiciliary visits of HA and FWA will be reviewed and after details discussions of all concerned MOHFW will take the final decision about the staffing of CC.
  2. If HA and FWA are assigned as full-time staff in CC, then designated service delivery tasks will be distributed among them considering their knowledge, skills, attitude and other issues like social acceptability.
  3. Their designation and job description will be changed accordingly.
  4. They will be properly trained to equip them for delivering the newly assigned service delivery responsibilities.
  5. Supervisory lines will also be reviewed so that supervisors can provide supportive supervision for effective and quality service delivery
  6. Supervisors’ designation, job descriptions will be revised and they too will be trained accordingly.
Last Updated: 2019-05-05 23:54:25