Procurement & Logistics

  • To procure & supply of Medicine, Equipment & logistics, Equipment for normal delivery, Medical and Surgical Requisites (MSR), furniture & fixture etc. as per need and approved list within budget.
  • Waste management provision to be kept in relevant facilities to make those clean, safe & environment friendly.
  • Vehicle: The condition of most of the vehicles is poor due to usage for a long time and needs frequent repair & maintenance. For management of a robust country wide program including field visit by a big number officials-LD, PMs, DPMs, TO, AAO & for other official use, some new vehicles need to be procured. Stationeries for the head office, division, district, Upazila & CCs to be procured & supplied.
  • Printing materials (Registers, formats, GMP card, ANC card etc) need to be procured & supplied.
  • Periodic publication needs to be continued in the form of leaflet, Poster, Brochure, Newsletter etc.
  • Annual report to be prepared & needs to be published.
  • TA to be collected from the competent authority
  • Research, Study or Survey.
Last Updated: 2019-05-05 17:37:21