Since the CC aims to assume full responsibility of the health (population and nutrition) of the entire population of the catchment area, it needs to collect data from its catchment population, collate the same to infer base-line and repeat the same yearly to measure the results. Having population based data will also help to ensure equity of access and utilization of services.

Measuring Health Outcomes activity

  1. With support from MIS, DGHS a format to collect household information will be developed
  2. CC staff will be oriented on the format for collection of data, compilation and interpretation of the same
  3. CG and CSG members will be oriented and the households will be distributed among them for the collecting household information following the format. Existing NGOs support will also be utilized through local planning for effective collection of data.
  4. Collected data will be inserted in the laptop, collated the same and pass to CBHC office
  5. Data collection and compilation will be repeated in each year in a pre-fixed time.
  6. Service delivery by CC data will be checked against population data to ascertain equity of access and utilization and measures to take to overcome, if exist.
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